How does a Jet Ski work?

Driving a jet ski in Cancun is simple and safe, and our instructors will show you how to get the most out of our powerful jet skis.

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Jet Ski operating instructions

You have two options if you want to experience the rush of accelerating from zero to full speed without risking your safety on the water: buy a ticket and ride a rocket into space, or get on a jet ski in the beautiful Nichupte Lagoon. And if you're reading this, you're probably someone who wants to reach a lifelong ambition of riding a jet ski. That, and you probably found our page by Google "how to ride a jet ski in Cancun." You've arrived at the right place, regardless of how you arrived. Jet Ski Cancun is happy to have you. Our instructors have always been passionate about introducing beginners to the thrilling world of Jet Skiing across the waters of Cancun. In the spirit of it all, we've put together this basic beginner's tutorial to assist you in fast progress from novice to skilled driver.

To learn how to reduce the risk of accidents, please read the following sections of this guide before operating your Jet Ski:

How to drive a Jet Ski?

1) How to Steer the watercraft:

Engine START/STOP button:

The engine START/STOP button is located on the left handlebar, and it must be pressed and maintained for 3 seconds to turn on the PWC.


1. START/STOP button

Throttle Lever:

The throttle lever on the RH handlebar electronically controls the engine speed. To increase or maintain watercraft speed, pull on the throttle lever with your finger. To decrease watercraft speed, release the throttle lever. The throttle lever is spring-loaded and should return to the rest position (idle)when not pressed.


1. Throttle lever

2. To accelerate

3. To decelerate


The handlebar controls the direction of the watercraft. During forward operation, turning the handlebar to the right steers the watercraft to the right and inversely. The jet pump nozzle, which controls the direction of the watercraft, pivots as the handlebar is turned. The watercraft will turn to the right if the handlebar is turned to the right, and the watercraft will turn to the left if the handlebar is turned to the left. To turn the watercraft, the throttle should be engaged.


Directional control is reduced when the throttle is released and lost when the engine is off.

Engine Cut-Off:

The engine cut-off switch is located in the middle of the handlebar. Engine cut-off switch to allow engine starting, the tether cord cap must be securely snapped onto the engine cut-off switch.


1. Engine cut-off switch

To stop the engine, pull the tether cord cap from the engine cut-off switch.


1. Tether cord cap on the engine cut-off switch

2. Tether cord clip secured to operator's PFD

Hand Signals for Jet Ski Activity You Should Know

You must know the hand signals that we use to communicate when driving your jet ski, whether for Jet Ski rental or touring the mangrove canals in the Cancun Mexico lagoon. These signals must be used by the instructor to communicate with the PWC driver. You will be able to communicate correctly while in the water if you use hand signals. These are some of the manual signals you should be aware of when operating your Jet Ski.

Arms Up in Circles: This indicates that you should apply the throttle to accelerate.


move your hand up and down: this means you should release the throttle and slow down.


Arm up: This indicates that you must either press the START/STOP button or pull on the engine cut-off switch belt cover to stop the boat.


Cross your arms in front of your face to signal that you require assistance: repeat this signal until the instructor notices you and returns to assist you.


Drive your own jet ski!

It's time to go.

Begin your experience by following your instructor in a straight line, as if you were in a caravan, after learning how to drive your jet ski. Because you are unfamiliar with the waters you will be navigating, and some parts of the lagoon have shallow water, this is important.

Safety equipment is required.

Both the operator and the passengers must wear a personal flotation device that is approved for PWC use. If driving conditions or personal preferences warrant it, the operator and passengers should have convenient access to waterproof glasses. Wind, water spray, and speed can cause a person's eyes to moisten and their vision to become blurry.

Protective Equipment Recommendations

Protective equipment, such as the lower half of a wetsuit or heavy, densely woven, close-fitting clothing that provides equal protection, must be worn by the operator and passengers of PWCs. Skinny motorcycle shorts, for example, would be inappropriate. It's also a good idea to wear shoes, gloves, and safety glasses or goggles. It is recommended that you wear some type of lightweight, flexible foot protection.


Personal Flotation Devices (PFD) are required to be used by everyone on a recreational boat.

In order to avoid collisions.

Keep an eye out for people, objects, and other watercraft at all times. Maintain a safe distance from people, objects, and other watercraft while operating defensively at safe speeds.


Avoid reckless maneuvers.

To avoid accidents, it is forbidden to break the caravan, circulate in a zigzag manner, overtake another jet ski, or change speed unexpectedly.


You will drive through mangrove canals.

When navigating through the mangrove canals, you must slow down because the speed limit is 4 knots or 8 kilometers, but you may see the animals of the Nichupté lagoon.


Do not use drugs or drink alcohol while operating a jet ski.

Driving a watercraft, just like driving a car, necessitates sobriety and focus. Maintain vigilance. Trying to drive a jet ski while intoxicated or under the influence of drugs is not only dangerous, but it is also a federal crime punishable by imprisonment in Mexico.

Drugs and alcohol delay reaction speed, impair judgment, cloud eyesight, and affect your ability to safely operate a watercraft, whether used independently or in combination.

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